Ena Vie is a ceremonialist, musician, poet, singer/songwriter, and a woman passionate about honoring the earth and all beings upon it. Since April of 2011, Ena & Howard have been on the road touring and sharing their vision of healing music in festivals, studios, events and venues all over the World. Ena Vie's albums include: From Within, Heart of Devotion and the single - Earth Prayer. Howard Lipp Produced/Mixed/Mastered and creatively/instrumentally collaborated on all the albums. Please click on the photo to go to her website! or go to: www.enavie.com

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Earth Prayer Project - EPP

The song, Earth Prayer, utilizes the powerful ho'oponpono prayer: i'm sorry, forgive me, i love you and thank you. While the song Earth Prayer is in the beginning stages of a grass roots movement of transformation, we created a project and are creating a non-profit, called the Earth Prayer Project (EPP). Ena Vie and Howard Lipp's vision is to collaborate musically with non-profits who are working to support local and international projects that provide basic needs to those who are suffering.

We are working with organizations who are interested in supporting clean and sustainable water to those who do not have access to it. We hope that through media and music, we can reveal, in concrete steps, how we can all become more involved in the healing of our earth through social, environmental and political activism and through collaborative efforts of the human race.

The intention of EPP is to send out our music to as many people as possible, and through the inspiration of music, we will support non-profits and those who benefit from the good work of these non-profits. We believe that when people hear the song earth prayer, and pray this prayer, change will begin in the hearts of people and thus, change will continue to be supported on this planet. If you would like to support this project, music video and/or purchase the song, please go to www.earthprayerproject.com

to find out how. Thank you for your love and support.

Ena Vie (ee-nuh vee) and Howard Lipp are ceremonialists and sacred musicians, in service to what they believe is the truest medicine of all, love. Together for nearly 4 years, they have lifetimes of experience in the traditional and non-traditional, indigenous, spiritual and musical paths. As intuitive channels of sound and vibration for the purpose of healing mind, body and spirit, they combine science, sound, and love into a powerful, musical experience. Ena and Howard are committed to being in service to life, to music and to love. This passion is what has guided them to give up their home and the majority of their belongings so they can follow their inner guidance more clearly and to be of maximum love and support to their community.

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Ena Vie is a singer/songwriter and together with Howard Lipp, her producer and creative partner, share their vision of music with a message. Earth Prayer Project - EPP is a vehicle through which Ena and Howard give back to non-profits who are working to help the environment and those in need. Click here to find out more!

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