Recording 101 How I got here

One day in 1975 I was in a band and wanted to start doing some recording. Gear was not cheap in those days, and multi-track recorders cost thousands of dollars. We bought an old tube type 2 track tape recorder and began recording our live rehearsal sessions. That was the beginning. I was hooked. In 1976 I moved to upstate New York and found my way to Dayson studios. They had an 8 track recording set up and I was hooked. The way you cold manipulate and layer sounds to get the sounds that you wanted made my creativity flow as never before. Pretty soon I bought a Teac A-3340 SX 4 track recorder and started recording up to 16 track recordings of my band by bouncing tracks. It was on big time. In 1979 I went to Syracuse University and The Newhouse School Of Communications had a 16 track setup that was beyond belief for the day. I never looked back. Alll my life I have been interested in sound recording, mixing, mastering and using every kind of synthesis technique and outboard effect and sound processor to push ht envelope of sound and recording technology, When digital came into being I went straight to it because the creativity and ease of production made creation more about technology and technique than anything else. Now with TDM hardware, virtual synthesis, sampling technology, and Open Architecture synthesis there is no graound that cannot be turned for creative flow. I have been at it for all of this time honing skills and listening to sounds from every culture I can find to give me the pallette and ears to help anyone make any project sound the best it can be. So come and have a listen to some of what we have done or better yet reach out and hear what is brewing int the Wizzard's Kitchen at Axis Mundi Entertainment. Whether it is your first album, or your 50th, we can help you make it sound like it should.

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Ena Vie is a singer/songwriter and together with Howard Lipp, her producer and creative partner, share their vision of music with a message. Earth Prayer Project - EPP is a vehicle through which Ena and Howard give back to non-profits who are working to help the environment and those in need. Click here to find out more!

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